Skoggy Games

by Erik Skoglund

Oink Royale

As a lonely piggy bank you must bankrupt the other evil piggy banks by shooting your coins at them. But beware! When you're out of coins, you explode!

Shotgun Shack

Shotgun Shack was made as a part of a Indie Game Development Presentation held in BorĂ¥s/Sweden in 2016


CEO - Chief Execution Officer. CEO is an action platformer with LOTS of explosions! Use your rifle and granade launcher to destroy the evil that has posessed your employees - Made for Ludum Dare 33


Race to the finish, but avoid crashing because that will certainly slow you down! Built for Ludum Dare 37 themed 'One Room'

Discovering Fire

Follow one lonely caveman in his journey to the discovery of fire. This was my entry for Ludum Dare 36 and a game made in 48 hours during the compo.

Lonely Rover

The lonely rover is stuck on a small asteroid. You must rebuild your broken ship so you can return back home! Built for Ludum Dare 38

GLENN - A Driving Saga

In this thrilling, high paced driving game you will put your nerves to the test as you battle against 7 of the most fantastic maps ever created. The game pays tribute to games such as death rally and portal while bringing a unique twist to the whole created world theme. Try it, you will be angry, but not disappointed!

Space Cargo

Load cargo into the carco hold - Made for Ludum Dare

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